The odds ratios of having recurrent wheeze at 2 years of age are shown by factors observed among infants (0–12 months of age) who were admitted to hospital with acute bronchiolitis

Recurrent wheeze OR (95% CI)p-value
Viral detection during acute bronchiolitis
 RSV0.91 (0.45–1.83)0.78
 HRV1.03 (0.59–1.78)0.93
 HRV A or B0.74 (0.31–1.8)0.51
 HRV C1.19 (0.65–2.19)0.58
 RSV high genomic load0.84 (0.50,1.42)0.52
 HRV high genomic load0.93 (0.30–2.84)0.90
 Multiple viruses0.83 (0.47–1.44)0.50
Allergic sensitisation#
 Any sensitisation0.72 (0.28–1.89)0.51
 Any food sensitisation0.71 (0.25–1.96)0.50
 Any inhalant sensitisation1.08 (0.19–20.89)0.56
 Egg sensitisation1.33 (0.27–6.45)0.72
 Cow's milk sensitisation0.41 (0.10–1.64)0.21
 Peanut sensitisation00.99
 Polysensitisation1.61 (0.29–32.79)0.35
Salivary morning cortisol1.00 (0.99–1.01)0.40

Bivariate odds ratios are adjusted for sex, age at inclusion and parental atopy. RSV: respiratory syncytial virus; HRV: human rhinovirus.#: specific immunoglobulin E ≥0.35 kU·L−1.