Symptoms and burden due to asthma in patients according to their 12-year adherence

12-year adherence
Good adherence#Poor adherencep-value
Symptoms of asthma
 AQ20 score4 (2–7)4 (1–8)0.583
 ACT score21 (19–24)21 (19–24)0.790
 CAT12 (7–18)11 (6–17)0.473
Burden of asthma
 Self-reported use of oral corticosteroid courses for asthma34 (42.5%)26 (26.3%)0.026ƒ
 Dispensed oral corticosteroid for asthma+ mg·year−1101 (11–249)51 (0–165)0.019##
 At least one hospitalisation due to asthma14 (17.1%)13 (13.1%)0.532ƒ
 Three or more sick leaves during the past 2 years3 (4.8%)4 (5.2%)>0.999ƒ
 Emergency department visits0 (0–0)0 (0–0)0.708##
 Fulfils severe asthma criteria according to ERS/ATS6 (7.3%)6 (6.1%)0.772ƒ
 Hospital days, asthma-related§0 (0–0)0 (0–0)0.051##
 Hospital days, any respiratory reason§0 (0–0)0 (0–0)0.072##
 Asthma control visits7 (4–11)6 (3–9)0.023##
 Asthma-related visits to healthcare19 (12–28)11 (8–19)<0.001##

Data are presented as median (interquartile range), unless otherwise stated. Symptoms of asthma were observed at the 12-year follow-up visit. Sick leaves were observed in the 2 years before the follow-up visit. Self-reported use of oral corticosteroids, hospitalisations and hospital days were examined during the whole 12-year follow-up period. AQ20: Airway Questionnaire 20; ACT: Asthma Control Test; CAT: COPD Assessment Test; ERS: European Respiratory Society; ATS: American Thoracic Society. #: ≥80% adherence, n=82. : <80% adherence, n=99. +: data obtained from the Finnish Social Insurance Institution and were divided by the years of follow-up (supplementary material); statistical significance considering symptoms of asthma were evaluated by independent-samples Mann–Whitney U-test. §: unplanned. ƒ: Pearson Chi-squared test. ##: independent-samples Mann–Whitney U-test.