Associations between cytomegalovirus (CMV) tertiles and COPD mortality defined as underlying cause of death on death certificate (from COPD), or as either underlying cause of death or co-existing condition on death certificate (from or with COPD)

All subjects (N=783)<55 years (N=387)≥ 55 years (N=396)
HR (95% CI)p-valueHR (95% CI)p-valueHR (95% CI)p-value
Mortality from COPD53 deaths21 deaths32 deaths
 Low CMV tertileRef.Ref.Ref.
 Medium CMV tertile1.62 (0.73–3.58)0.2341.28 (0.33–5.02)0.7211.62 (0.56–4.67)0.375
 High CMV tertile2.38 (1.11–5.08)0.0255.40 (1.73–16.9)0.0041.43 (0.50–4.09)0.500
Mortality from or with COPD80 deaths31 deaths19 deaths
 Low CMV tertileRef.Ref.Ref.
 Medium CMV tertile1.58 (0.82–3.06)0.1711.06 (0.37–3.04)0.9071.95 (0.75–5.07)0.169
 High CMV tertile2.56 (1.37–4.78)0.0033.73 (1.49–9.37)0.0052.26 (0.91–5.61)0.079

Cox model adjusted for sex, age, body mass index, level of education, smoking status and pack-years. Total number is lower than the 806 included participants because some individuals had missing information on covariates.