Differences of baseline characteristics between subjects who presented cough and those who did not develop cough at the 12-month follow-up

Characteristic at baselineSubjects with cough at follow-up (n=165)Subjects without cough at follow-up (n=40)p-value
Somatic symptom sum3.89 (3.50–4.28)2.38 (1.77–2.98)<0.001
Duration of the cough episode median (range)12–60 months (2 months to >10 years)2–12 months (2 months to >10 years)0.001
Trigger sum5.60 (5.14–6.07)4.05 (2.98–5.12)0.003
Presence of a chemical trigger84.8%65.0%0.004
Gastroesophageal reflux disease22.4%7.5%0.033
Current daily smoking10.3%0%0.034
Family members1.58 (1.40–1.76)2.00 (1.59–2.41)0.051

Data are presented as mean (95% CI), unless otherwise stated. Characteristics with at least a suggestive association (p<0.10) are presented and based on chi-squared and Mann–Whitney U-tests.