Clinical signs identified at any time during hospital monitoring

CharacteristicAmoxicillin (n=215)Placebo (n=221)
Overall (n=215)No treatment failure (n=199)Treatment failure (n=16)p-valueOverall (n=221)No treatment failure (n=189)Treatment failure (n=32)p-value
Oxygen saturation 90–93%16 (7.4%)14 (7.0%)2 (12.5%)0.33821 (9.5%)17 (9.0%)4 (12.5%)0.518
Fast breathing214 (99.5%)198 (99.5%)16 (100%)0.776221 (100%)189 (100%)32 (100%)
Chest indrawing#14 (6.6%)16 (7.2%)
Fever122 (56.7%)117 (58.8%)6 (33.3%)0.032117 (52.9%)100 (52.9%)17 (53.1%)0.98

A description of hospital monitoring checks among children prior to any treatment failure. Data collected during hospital monitoring assessments after children were classified as having treatment failure are excluded. This includes all hospital monitoring data from children classified as having treatment failure within 2 h following enrolment (n=7). Sample sizes in this table have been adjusted to remove these children. #: chest indrawing was a treatment failure criterion.