Factors associated with baseline apnoea–hypopnoea index (ANCOVA)

CoefficientStandard errorp-value
Age years0.430.16<0.001
Sex male2.863.350.39
BMI kg·m−20.990.340.005
Admission NIHSS0.240.300.44
Arteriole hypertension3.963.220.22
Smoking >10 years4.943.150.12
Time spent in supine position %
Time in bed h0.210.930.83
Atrial fibrillation−1.324.920.79
Stroke on awakening or during sleep0.693.190.83
diabetes mellitus2.144.260.61
TOAST: large artery versus cardioembolic−0.5235.650.93
TOAST: other/unknown versus cardioembolic−4.373.910.27

BMI: body mass index; NIHSS: National Institutes of Health stroke scale. Multiple R2=0.27, p<0.001 (F statistic 3.727 on 13 and 131 degrees of freedom).