Predictors of unfavourable neurological outcome (modified Rankin score >3) in logistic regression model (dichotomised modified Rankin 0–2 versus 3–6)

OR95% CIp-value
Age years0.9000.770–1.0400.11
Sex male0.3770.038–3.7180.53
BMI kg·m−20.9040.719–1.1380.24
Admission NIHSS1.1880.940–1.5000.23
Atrial fibrillation0.0000.000–∞1.00
Stroke on awakening or during sleep (versus no or unknown)15.6990.726–3390.10
Infratentorial stroke (versus other or unknown)0.2160.006–7.5660.40
Cheyne–Stokes respiration00–∞0.99
Baseline AHI1.1071.010–1.2140.052

BMI: body mass index; NIHSS: National Institute of Health stroke scale; AHI: apnoea–hypopnoea index.