Radiological findings on chest computed tomography (CT) and positron emission tomography (PET)-CT in 22 patients diagnosed with primary pulmonary tularaemia at Innlandet Hospital Trust in Norway in 2016–2018

Enlarged lymph nodes#18/22
 Signs of necrosis in lymph nodes11/18
Pulmonary lesions19/22
 Pulmonary nodule16/19
 Pulmonary mass+3/19
 Solid with bronchogram6/19
 Solid with sign of necrosis4/19
 Pulmonary cavities2/19
Enlarged lymph nodes and pulmonary lesions15/22
Pleural effusion8/22
 Pleural effusion and pulmonary lesions5/22
Chest CT described as suspicious of malignancy17/22
PET-CT described as suspicious of malignancy6/10

Data are presented as n/N. The most common findings were enlarged lymph nodes and solid, nodular pulmonary lesions. #: >1 cm in short-axis diameter; : <3 cm in diameter; +: >3 cm in diameter.