Multivariate logistic regression analysis for increased ESMCSA or ESMCT from baseline to 12 months after LDLLT

VariableIncreased ESMCSA at 12 months (ratio to baseline >1)Increased ESMCT at 12 months (ratio to baseline >1)
Odds ratio95% CIp-valueOdds ratio95% CIp-value
BMI kg·m−20.880.61–1.250.48
ESMCT HU1.201.06–1.2480.0011.000.83–1.010.92
Tacrolimus use n0.230.03–1.530.13
Tracheostomy n0.400.032–4.050.44
Δ at 3 months of ESMCSA, cm2 (3 months – baseline)2.541.31–7.220.002
Δ at 3 months of ΔESMCT, HU (3 months – baseline)1.601.17–2.620.001

Increased ESMCSA and increased ESMCT at 3 months were calculated by subtracting the values at baseline from those at 3 months. ESMCSA: cross-sectional area of the erector spinae muscles; ESMCT: mean computed tomography values of the erector spinae muscles; LDLLT: living-donor lobar lung transplantation; BMI: body mass index; CI: confidence interval; R2: coefficient of determination.