Differences in baseline characteristics and clinical courses between the groups with and without changes from baseline to 12 months after LDLLT in the ESMCSA or ESMCT

ESMCSA at 12months after LDLLTESMCT at 12months after LDLLT
Ratio to baseline <1Ratio to baseline ≥1p-value#Ratio to baseline <1Ratio to baseline ≥1p-value#
Patients n1520287
Female n (%)9 (60%)10 (50%)0.5715 (46%)4 (43%)0.87
mMRC score 0/1/2/3/4 n0/0/0/8/70/0/0/8/120.430/0/0/13/150/0/0/3/40.60
Age years49.9±11.144.5±14.40.2346.3±13.448.6±12.90.69
BMI kg·m−220.2±3.417.2±2.50.00418.5±3.318.5±3.10.98
Albumin g·dL−13.7±0.63.6±0.50.703.6±0.63.7±0.60.94
VC % predicted47.3±16.842.1±17.70.4445.4±18.241.8±13.80.66
FEV1/FVC %84.7±20.170.1±25.50.1175.8±23.481.9±26.90.59
FEV1 % predicted47.6±18.330.8±16.40.0238.7±19.239.7±19.90.91
DLCO % predicted21.5±16.528.7±9.90.4025.2±15.317.5±7.40.51
6MWD m225.7±107.9195.6±103.00.47204.5±107.7228.6±95.50.65
ESMCSA cm226.3±8.220.6±5.30.0223.0±7.123.2±8.20.95
ESMCT HU40.9±11.448.8±6.80.0246.7±8.240.3±14.00.12
Predicted postoperative VC % predicted59.0±10.863.6±17.60.3761.5±16.462.3±8.50.65
Preoperative steroid use n (%)8 (53%)14 (70%)0.3319 (68%)3 (43%)0.23
Postoperative steroid pulse therapy n (%)11 (73%)14 (70%)0.8421 (75%)4 (57%)0.36
Postoperative cumulative steroid dose mg·kg−1148.4±30.7150.5±23.60.81147.7±26.3157.1±28.00.41
Tacrolimus use n (%)12 (80%)8 (40%)0.0217 (61%)3 (43%)0.41
Tracheostomy n (%)11 (73%)9 (45%)0.1018 (64%)2 (29%)0.09
Duration of mechanical ventilation days17.7±18.010.1±11.00.1315.4±15.65.4±5.70.11
Initial walking, postoperative days15.0±11.010.2±6.00.1112.7±9.410.9±6.30.63
Intensive care unit stay days13.5±7.810.4±3.50.1212.5±6.08.4±4.10.10
Hospital stay days96.9±67.378.0±21.00.2485.2±51.689.6±22.10.83
Δ at 3 months of ESMCSA, cm2 (3 months – baseline)−4.5±4.6−0.6±1.80.001−2.2±3.8−2.5±4.00.86
Δ at 3 months of ESMCT, HU (3 months – baseline)−3.3±6.5−3.9±5.80.79−5.3±5.43.1±3.1<0.001

Data are presented as mean±sd or n (%), unless otherwise stated. Δ at 3 months of ESMCSA and ESMCT were calculated by subtracting the values at baseline from those at 3 months (3 months – baseline). LDLLT: living-donor lobar lung transplantation; ESMCSA: cross-sectional area of the erector spinae muscles; ESMCT: mean computed tomography values of the erector spinae muscles; mMRC: modified Medical Research Council; BMI: body mass index; VC: vital capacity; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC: forced vital capacity; DLCO: diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide; 6MWD: 6-min walk distance.#: Chi-squared test or t-test.