Outcome and complication differences in the studied populations based on D-dimer levels

First author [ref.]Patients nCompared dataHigher valuep-value
Chen [14]274D-dimer: deceased/survivorsDeceased: 4.6 µg·mL−1
Guan [3]1099D-dimer: CEP/non-CEP≥0.5 mg·L−1 in 69.4% of CEP
D-dimer: severe/non-severe≥0.5 mg·L−1 in 59.6% of severe
Han [15]94D-dimer: COVID-19/non-COVID-19COVID-19: 10.36±25.31 mg·L−1<0.001
D-dimer: severe/non-severe COVID-19Severe COVID-19: 19.1±35.48 mg·L−1<0.05
Huang [1]41D-dimer: ICU/non-ICUICU: 2.4 mg·L−1, range 0.6–14.4 mg·L−10.0042
Tang [16]449D-dimer: heparin yes/noNo heparin: >3.0 µg·mL.
Mortality#: heparin yes/noNo heparin#: 52.4%0.017
Tang [17]183D-dimer: deceased/survivorsDeceased: 2.12 µg·mL−1, range 0.77–5.27 µg·mL−1<0.001
Wan [26]135D-dimer: severe/non-severeSevere: 0.6 mg·L−1, range 0.4–1.1 mg·L−1<0.001
Wang [18]138D-dimer: ICU/non-ICUICU: 414 mg·L−1, range 191–1324 mg·L−1<0.001
33D-dimer: deceased/survivorsDeceased: >1000 mg·L−1<0.05
Wang [19]339D-dimer: deceased/survivorsDeceased: 4.38 mg·L−1, range 1.32–17.0 mg·L−1<0.001
Wu [6]201D-dimer: ARDS/non-ARDSARDS: 0.52 µg·mL−1 higher than non-ARDS<0.001
D-dimer: ARDS deceased/survivorsARDS deceased: 2.10 µg·mL−1 higher than survivors<0.001
Li [25]25D-dimer deceased: first test/last testLast test: 9.93 mg·L−1, IQR 2.65–54.8 mg·L−1
Yin [20]553Mortality#: COVID-19 heparin yes/noNo heparin#: 52.4%0.017
Mortality: non-COVID-19 heparin yes/no
Zhang [21]95D-dimer: severe/non-severe>1 mg·L−1: 81.2% severe<0.001
D-dimer: CEP/non-CEP>1 mg·L−1: 71.9% CEP<0.001
Zhang [24]140D-dimer: severe/non-severeSevere: 0.4 µg·mL−1, range 0.2–2.4 µg·mL−1<0.001
Zhou [22]172D-dimer: deceased/survivorsDeceased: 5.2 µg·mL−1, range 1.5–21.16 µg·mL−1<0.001
D-dimer: deceased/survivors>1 µg·mL−1 in 81% of deceased<0.001
Zhang [23]7D-dimer: pre-limb ischaemia/limb ischaemia>21 µg·mL−1 in 71.4% of patients with limb ischaemia

CEP: composite end-point; ICU: intensive care unit; ARDS: acute respiratory distress syndrome; IQR: interquartile range. #: D-dimer >3.0 µg·mL−1; : D-dimer >1.0 µg·mL−1.