Anthropometric, clinical and functional data of the subjects, randomised into two groups: exercise and control

Subjects n1010
Age years70±970±70.85
BMI kg·m−229±628±40.42
Charlson Comorbidity Index score4±14±10.83
Laboratory parameters
 Total cholesterol mg·dL−1217±55209±340.74
 HDL mg·dL−171±3253±110.17
 Glucose mg·dL−199±13104±60.42
 Ex-smokers6 (60%)9 (90%)
 Current smokers3 (30%)1 (10%)
 Exposure pack-years50±2841±190.40
Respiratory function
 FEV1 % pred56±1362±130.33
Physical activity
 Average METs per day1.14±0.161.26±0.160.11
 Steps per day4712±30356534±27020.17
Exercise capacity
 6MWT m351±66398±490.09
Blood pressure mmHg
 Systolic/diastolic blood pressure at t0140±20/80±7+133±9/ 79±50.30/0.70
 Systolic/diastolic blood pressure at t1130±14/74±6+131± 9/ 78±50.85/0.09
Endothelial function test
  Baseline artery diameter mm3.9±0.74.4±0.60.13
  FMD# %3.7±1.14.5±0.90.08
  Time to peak s57±360±60.29
  Baseline artery diameter mm3.7±0.84.4±0.50.05
  FMD# %6.7±2.24.1±0.90.003
  Time to peak s55±461±60.03
ΔFMD t1t0+3.04±1.97−0.37±0.730.00007

Data are presented as mean±sd unless otherwise stated. BMI: body mass index; HDL: high-density lipoprotein; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; MET: metabolic equivalent of task; 6MWT: 6-min walking test; t0: baseline; t1: 8 weeks; FMD: flow-mediated dilation. #: corrected for baseline diameter; : p=0.003 (at t0 versus t1); +: p=0.009 (at t0 versus t1).