Histological features

Case no.No. specimensNot adequateTotal sizeDistributionHistological diagnosis
1540.60 mm2Small lymphoid cells around blood vesselsMALT lymphoma
25107.82 mm2Small lymphoid cells, with few blasts, around blood and lymphatic vessels and paraseptal zonesPTCL, NOS
3476.00 mm2Large lymphoid elements in capillaries and arteriolesintravascular NHL
4298.92 mm2Large lymphoid elements in capillariesintravascular NHL
5247.56 mm2Small lymphoid cells, with scattered large cells, around blood vessels. Colliquative necrosis. EBV+LYG, type 2
6481.01 mm2Small lymphoid cells and plasma cells around blood vessel and along lymphatic routes (paraseptal and subpleural)MALT lymphoma
771: bronchial wall73.20 mm2Hodgkin cells and lymphoid infiltrate around bronchiolar walls and vesselsHL
8298.55 mm2Small lymphoid cells around blood and lymphatic vessels (also paraseptal)MALT lymphoma
95103.82 mm2Large atypical lymphoid cells around bronchovascular bundlesMALT lymphoma
10478.92 mm2Hodgkin cells and lymphoid infiltrateHL
1113417.70 mm2Large atypical lymphoid cells around blood vessels. Coagulative necrosisDiffuse large B-cell lymphoma
1292: fibrin51.55 mm2Small lymphoid cells around bronchovascular bundles and blood vesselsLymphoplasmocytic lymphoma
1342: pleura and muscle235.11 mm2Dense infiltration of small lymphoid cells in subpleural area, resulted a mixture of B and T-lymphoid cellsCryo-TBB and VATS: atypical lymphoproliferative process

MALT: mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue; PTCL, NOS: peripheral T-cell lymphoma, not otherwise specified; NHL: non-Hodgkin lymphoma; LYG: lymphomatoid granulomatosis; EBV: Epstein–Barr virus; HL: Hodgkin lymphoma; cryo-TBB: transbronchial cryobiopsy; VATS: video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery.