Time and cost analysis of the standard testing and point-of-care (POC) testing strategies for a cohort of 1000 patients, <2 years old, presenting to UK National Health Service (NHS) paediatric departments with acute viral respiratory infection symptoms

Standard testing strategyPOC testing strategyIncremental difference (standard strategy – POC testing strategy)
POC informing use of isolation facilities
 Time to result (days)
 Time in single room isolation (days)1.621.150.47
 Time in general bed (days)0.280.75−0.47
 Cost of bed days£1 068 400.00£1 020 000.00£48 400.00
 Cost of barrier nursing£38 310.00£29 700.00£8610.00
 Treatment costs£440.00£440.00£0.00
Total costs£1 107 150.00£1 050 140.00£57 010.00
POC informing cohort nursing of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) positive patients
 Cost of bed days£1 068 400.00£924 238.74£144 161.26
 Cost of barrier nursing£38 310.00£30 613.40£7696.60
 Treatment costs£440.00£440.00£0.00
Total costs£1 107 150.00£955 292.14£151 857.86

Results are presented for two different strategies: 1) when the POC test informs the use of isolation facilities and 2) when the POC test informs cohort nursing of RSV positive patients. Costs are in GBP.