Pre- and post-operative values of FEV1 and % LAA (right and left side) of each patient

LVRSBilateralBilateralUnilateral rightBilateralBilateralBilateral homogeneousMedian (IQR)p-value
FEV1 pre % pred22222736202423 (21.5–29.3)
FEV1 post % pred45353555443339 (34.5–47.5)0.028
% LAA right pre73.341.650.352.123.737.3#50.3 (32.7–62.7)
% LAA right post53.828.438.644.317.541#38.6 (23–49)0.043
% LAA left pre63.555.944.352.732.633#54.3 (37.6–61.6)
% LAA left post55.638.643.943.619.837#44.6 (25.8–53.1)0.068

FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; LAA: low attenuation area; LVRS: lung volume reduction surgery; IQR: interquartile range. #: not included for analysis of median and p-values.