Correlation between the three symptom factors and the eight domains of RAND-36, adjusted for age and sex

RAND-36 domainsEmotional factorPain factorRespiratory symptoms factor
Physical functioning−0.39−0.40−0.62
General health−0.49−0.39−0.64
Mental health−0.69−0.36−0.53
Physical role function−0.29−0.31−0.51
Emotional role function−0.39−0.27−0.38
Social role function−0.55−0.36−0.57
Bodily pain−0.48−0.72−0.46

All correlations are significant (Sidak adjusted probabilities p<0.001). The lower the coefficient, the stronger the correlation is. RAND-36: RAND 36-Item Health Survey.