i-BEST-1 multiple breath washout (MBW) data quality control according to site

Naïve sitesNon-naïve sitesOverall
Sitei-BEST site 1i-BEST site 2i-BEST site 3i-BEST site 4i-BEST site 5i-BEST site 6i-BEST site 7i-BEST site 8i-BEST site 9i-BEST site 10i-BEST site 11
Number of testing sessions attempted2048465122010432813
Overall success rate6/20 (30%)35/48 (73%)0/4 (0%)34/65 (52%)9/12 (75%)15/20 (75%)6/10 (60%)0/4 (0%)26/32 (81%)6/8 (75%)0/13 (0%)137/236
Combined success rate naïve versus non-naïve105/179 (59%)32/57 (56%)58%
Success rate first 6 months versus remainder46%:0%68%:91%0%:0%48%:55%75%:n/a93%:100%60%:n/a0%:0%84%:72%86%:0%0%:0%

n/a: No MBW data submitted during this timeframe.