Key results from multiple breath washout (MBW) training, certification and data quality control in bronchiectasis research settings

Knowledge and confidence with MBW testing was increased with the training programme
68% of sites completed certification within 6 months
Most common barriers to completing MBW certification in bronchiectasis sites were the lack of time and available volunteers to practice testing
Success rates were 79% (Clinimetrics study) and 58% (i-BEST-1 study)
In the Clinimetrics study, there was no difference in age (p=0.10) or disease severity (p=0.90) as measured by forced expiratory volume in 1 s (at baseline) in those subjects with successful versus those with failed test sessions
In the i-BEST-1 study, longer times to certification, a higher percentage of naïve sites and patients with worse lung function may have contributed to the lower success rate
Combination of success rate data from both studies showed that success rates were higher in non-naïve sites (81%) compared to naïve sites (66%)