Estimated dimensions of ablation zones in a plane perpendicular to the applicator insertion along with mean values and sd

Power WTime minBrown regionHyperaemic regionCT dimensionsLung lobe and tunnel length mm
Min mmMax mmMin mmMax mmMin mmMax mmHeight mm
3251113162215.424.521Right cranial, 11.5
3251314183021.128.827.5Left caudal#
325711192420.425.926.2Left caudal, 12
295111313181217.929.2Right caudal, 8
2410610171813.413.419.4Right middle, 10
2410913161820.424.233.2Left cranial, 24.5
2410894.59.89.9Right middle, 13
2410911202422.327.728.8Right middle, 5
Mean±sd8 ±1.410.7±1.717.6±2.120±3.515.2±818.8±8.522.8±10.4

CT: computed tomography. #: Ablation delivered with applicator positioned within a small airway.