Demographic and clinical details of 21 recruited patients with sarcoidosis

Age years57 (48–71)
Years since diagnosis3 (1–13)
Scadding chest radiography stage 1/2/32/6/13
FEV1 % predicted87.5 (52–131)
FVC % predicted91.5 (63–128)
FEV1/FVC ratio0.75 (0.55–0.93)
QTc interval ms427 (370–463)
Oral corticosteroid therapy5
Other immunomodulatory therapy0
Inhaled corticosteroids3
Number of coughs in 24 h228 (43–1950)
Number of coughs·h−110 (2–81)
Cough severity VAS mm31 (9–94)
Urge to cough VAS mm26 (8–94)
Leicester cough questionnaire score15.96 (5.07–19.74)
King's sarcoidosis questionnaire GH score50.7 (23.8–100)

Data are presented as median (range) or n. FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC: forced vital capacity; VAS: visual analogue scale.