Comparison of the analytical subsample (n=888) with the whole Isle of Wight (IOW) cohort (n=1261) with regard to age of onset of pubertal event, lung function and height

VariablesCohort samplesSubsamplesp-value
Subjects n1261888
Age of pubertal events years
  Breast growth12.43±1.5812.45±1.580.87
  Body hair growth12.25±1.4312.26±1.410.91
  Growth spurt12.52±1.7012.54±1.700.90
  Skin changes13.11±1.5013.06±1.500.55
  Body hair growth13.41±1.3713.28±1.340.10
  Growth spurt13.72±1.6713.58±1.640.14
  Voice deepening14.24±1.2414.14±1.210.14
  Facial hair growth15.38±1.1615.28±1.150.11
  Skin changes13.99±1.3813.97±1.360.81
Lung function age 26 years L
Height cm
  Age 10139.10±6.47139.10±6.400.92
  Age 18164.70±6.33164.80±6.170.78
  Age 10139.00±5.89139.10±5.840.74
  Age 18178.20±6.87177.90±6.630.42

Data are presented as mean±sd unless otherwise stated. FVC: forced vital capacity; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s.