Baseline characteristics on first day of mechanical ventilation and outcomes in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) secondary to novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and ARDS from other diseases

Subjects n169163
Age years66 (59–71)72 (62–78)<0.001
Male sex133 (78.7)106 (65.4)0.007
Body mass index kg·m−228 (25–31)27 (24–31)0.02
Diabetes mellitus26 (15.4)47 (29)0.003
Arterial hypertension90 (53.3)96 (59.3)0.27
COPD4 (2.4)22 (13.5)<0.001
Positive end-expiratory pressure cmH2O12 (10–14)8 (5–9)<0.001
Peak airway pressure cmH2O30±522±6<0.001
Plateau airway pressure cmH2O23±419±3<0.001
PaCO2 mmHg56±1646±12<0.001
Compliance of the respiratory system mL·cmH2O−128 (22–34)35 (25–43)<0.001
Minute ventilation L·min−18.8±1.38.7±2.30.62
Corrected minute ventilation L·min−112.4 (9.3–15)9.6 (7.5–11.8)<0.001
PaO2/FIO2 mmHg111 (86–153)140 (100–198)<0.001
Tidal volume/ideal body weight mL·kg−15.9±0.86.6±1.3<0.001
Length of stay in intensive care unit10 (5–18)7 (3–20)0.22
Length of stay in hospital15 (9–24)20 (11–33)0.002
In-hospital mortality86 (50.9)43 (26.6)<0.001
Pneumomediastinum/subcutaneous emphysema23 (13.6)3 (1.9)<0.001

Data are presented as median (interquartile range), n (%) or mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. CoV-ARDS: ARDS from COVID-19; noCoV-ARDS: ARDS secondary to other diseases; PaCO2: arterial carbon dioxide tension; PaO2: arterial oxygen tension; FIO2: inspiratory oxygen fraction.