Classification of asthma control according to Global Initiative for Asthma 2006

ControlledPartly controlledUncontrolled
(all of the below)(any of the below)(at least 3 of the below)
During the last 4 weeks:
 Asthma symptoms during the dayTwice or less per weekThree times or more per weekThree times or more per week
 Limitation of daily activitiesNoYesYes
 Asthma symptoms during the nightNoYesYes
 Reliever medicationUsed twice or less per weekUsed three times or more per weekUsed three times or more per week
 Lung functionFEV1 >80% predictedFEV1 <80% predictedFEV1 <80% predicted
During the last 12 months:
 Exacerbations#NoAt least oneAt least one

#: any of the following events in the last 12 months due to asthma: oral corticosteroids and/or antibiotics, emergency healthcare visit with or without hospitalisation, or not being able to work or perform daily activities due to asthma during at least 2 days. FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s. Reproduced from [29] with permission.