COPD exacerbations: relationship to raised eosinophil count (EOS), inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) treatment and forced expiratory volume in 1 s (FEV1)

VariableUnivariable(95% CI)p-valueExcluding FEV1/FVC ratio >0.70 univariable (95% CI)p-value
EOS at least 1 value ≥0.3×109·L−11.62(1.23−2.15)0.00061.75 (1.50−2.05)<0.0001
EOS single elevated reading1.40(0.84−2.42)0.182.21 (1.71−2.86)<0.0001
EOS ≥2 readings1.63(1.11−2.40)0.0131.84 (1.48−2.78)<0.0001
ICS inhaler2(1.51−2.63)<0.00012.13 (1.81−2.51)<0.0001
FEV1 % predicted0.98(0.97−0.99)<0.00010.98 (0.98−0.99)<0.0001

Data are presented as incidence rate ratios. FVC: forced vital capacity.