Included article details and average risk of bias score

First author year [ref.]Outcome measurenDiseaseAgreement/correlation to gold standardRisk of bias
Briand 2018 [24]1-min STS107ILD1-min STS and 6MWT r=0.5Moderate
Carter 2002 [25]DASI119COPDDASI and 6MWT r=0.53High
Coute 2017 [26]DASI100CVPredicted METS from DASI and maximum exercise METS r=0.38High
Crook 2017 [27]1-min STS255 (2 studies combined)COPD1-min STS and r=0.59 study 1 at baseline and r=0.67 at follow-up; r=0.64 study 2 at baseline and r=0.68 at follow-upModerate
Di Thommazo-Luporini 2015 [28]Step test (6-min)56ObesityCPET (treadmill test V′O2max) r=0.56High
Jones 2013 [29]5STS475COPDICC with ISWT −0.59Low
Kon 2013 [30]4MGS586COPD4MGS and ISWT r=0.78, 4MGS and ISWT % pred 0.72Moderate
Matkovic 2017 [31]4MGS111COPD4MGS and 6MWT r=0.85Moderate
Mori 2019 [32]SPPB53Charcot–Marie–ToothICC with 6MWT 0.35High
Meriem 2015 [33]1-min STS49COPD1-min STS and 6 MWT r=0.47Moderate
Nolan 2018 [34]4MGS46IPF4MGS and 6MWT r=0.76Low
Ozalevli 2007 [35]1-min STS53COPD1-min STS and 6MWT r=0.75Moderate
Reed 2020 [36]DASI and Chester Step test50CVStep test and CPET (treadmill test V′O2max) r=0.69, DASI and CPET r=0.38Moderate
Reyschler 2018 [37]1-min STS42COPD1 min STS and 6 MWT r=0.72Moderate
Wilkinson 2018 [38]1 min STS and 5STS41CKD5STS and ISWT r=0.55 time point 1 and r=0.74 at 6 weeks; 1 min STS r not reportedModerate
Zhang 2018 [39]5STS and 30 s STS128COPD5STS and 6 MWT r=−0.51, 30 s STS and 6 MWT r=0.53Moderate

STS: sit to stand; ILD: interstitial lung disease; 6MWT: 6-min walk test; DASI: Duke Activity Status Index; CV: cardiovascular; METS: metabolic equivalents; CPET: cardiopulmonary exercise test; V′O2max: peak oxygen uptake; ICC: intraclass correlation coefficient; ISWT: incremental shuttle walk test; 4MGS: 4-metre gait speed; SPPB: short physical performance battery; r: correlation coefficient; IPF: idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis; CKD: chronic kidney disease.