Results for cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) parameters with two different normative reference values (NRV) applied

CPET variablesNorfolk and Norwich Hospital (Dec 2018)Royal Papworth Hospital (Dec 2019)
Results (absolute)Bongers 8–18 years (2014) % predCooper 6–17 years (1984) % predResults (absolute)Bongers 8–18 years (2014) % predCooper 6–17 years (1984) % pred
Load W8942%62%9846%71%
VO2peak mL·min139155%70%139355%73%
VO2peak mL·min ·kg23.556%70%24.559%73%
VO2@ AT mL·min879788
O2pulse mL8.968%96%8.162%90%
VEEqCO2 AT4442
Lowest oxygen saturation %8588
Cardiovascular slopeNormalNormal
Ratio (%)Ratio (%)
AT % pred VO2max35%44%31%41%

VO2peak: peak oxygen consumption; VO2 @ AT: oxygen consumption at anaerobic capacity; VEEqCO2 at AT: ventilatory equivalents for carbon dioxide at anaerobic threshold; AT % pred VO2max: anaerobic capacity as a per cent of maximal predicted oxygen consumption. VE/VCO2 slope: The slope of the relationship between ventilation and carbon dioxide production.