Participant characteristics, lung function and multiple-breath nitrogen washout (MBNW) parameters

Whole groupRepeatability subgroup
Females/males n11/166/9
Age years median (range)34 (19–65)30 (23–41)
BMI kg·m−224.6±3.425.1±4.2
Lung function
 FEV1 % predicted#105±14101±30
 FEV1/FVC %83±684±5
 TLCpleth % predicted101±23107±11
 FRCpleth % predicted97±27104±20
MBNW parameters
 Controlled breathing
  FRCCB L2.94±0.892.96±0.88
   ScondCB L−10.019±0.0110.025±0.012
   SacinCB L−10.056±0.0200.061±0.022
  VT mL1124±371127±37
  RR breaths·min−110.2±0.899.86±1.0
 Free breathing
  FRCFB L2.92±0.863.00±0.87
   ScondFB L−10.019±0.0120.018±0.014
   SacinFB L−10.085±0.0390.091±0.041
  VT mL880±324912±304
  RR breaths·min−112.3±3.5313.6±3.10

Data are presented as mean±sd unless otherwise stated. For the repeatability subgroup, results are from the first visit. BMI: body mass index; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC: forced vital capacity; TLC: total lung capacity; FRC: functional residual capacity; LCI: lung clearance index; Scond: conductive zone ventilation heterogeneity; Sacin: acinar zone ventilation heterogeneity; VT: mean tidal volume across measurements; RR: respiratory rate; pleth: body plethysmography; CB: controlled breathing protocol; FB: free breathing protocol. #: reference equations for predicted values from Quanjer et al. [13]; : reference equations for predicted values from Quanjer et al. [14].