Fine and Gray model for the association between noninvasive continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) duration and mortality

sHR (95% CI)
CPAP days1.094 (1.010–1.184)
Male1.596 (0.814–3.129)
Age1.023 (0.985–1.064)
Hypertension yes versus no1.224 (0.729–2.056)
Charlson Comorbidity Index1.392 (1.145–1.693)
Lactate dehydrogenase U·L−11.001 (1.000–1.002)
C-reactive protein mg·dL−10.983 (0.947–1.020)
Lymphocyte ×103 cells·μL−11.269 (0.699–2.302)

Subdistribution hazard ratio (sHR) and corresponding 95% confidence interval deriving from the multivariate Fine and Gray models. Estimates are further adjusted by centre. n=146.