Respiratory muscle strength of patients with unilateral diaphragmatic paralysis and control group

Paralysis groupControl groupp-value
Volitional inspiratory muscle strength
PImax cmH2O (% pred)−67±25 (55±23)−103±30 (100±21)<0.001
 SNIP cmH2O (% pred)57±18 (58±15)96±20 (89±28)<0.001
 Sniff Poes cmH2O−44±13−66±260.001
 Sniff Pga cmH2O−10±936±14<0.001
 Sniff Pdi cmH2O34±17102±26<0.001
Nonvolitional inspiratory muscle strength
 Twitch Pdi (bilateral) cmH2O5.3±2.715.3±5.7<0.001
 Twitch Pdi cmH2OUnaffected hemidiaphragm/right for control group3.5±1.37.4±2.7<0.001
 Twitch Pdi cmH2OAffected hemidiaphragm/left for control group2.5±1.18.9±3.4<0.001

Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. PImax: maximal static inspiratory pressure; SNIP: sniff nasal inspiratory pressure; Sniff Poes: oesophageal pressure during sniff manoeuvre; Sniff Pga: gastric pressure during sniff manoeuvre; Sniff Pdi: transdiaphragmatic pressure during sniff manoeuvre; Twitch Pdi: transdiaphragmatic pressure during phrenic nerve magnetic stimulation.