Exercise capacity, physical activity and quality of life of lung transplant (LT) recipients

Subjects n29
V′O2 peak mL·kg−1·min−121.49±6.68
V′O2 peak % pred75.24±15.6
V′O2 AT %48.6±10.1
V′CO2 peak L·min−1 median (IQR)1.68 (1.43–2.06)
Work peak watts111.14±37.13
V′E/V′CO2 AT32 (31–35)
V′E peak L·min−1 median (IQR)54 (48–67.1)
RER peak median (IQR)1.35 (1.25–1.4)
HR peak beats·min−1141.5±21.4
HRR peak17.5±13.6
VR peak median (IQR)52 (48–57)
Oximetry at V′O2 max %97.6±0.8
Lactic acid peak mmol·L−17.35±1.89
IPAQ METs-min·week−1 median (IQR)5497 (4007–9832)
Euroqol 5-D1 (0.95–1)
Euroqol >0.829±100

Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated.

VO2: oxygen uptake; VCO2: carbon dioxide output; IQR: interquartile range; AT: aerobic threshold; VE: minute ventilation; RER: respiratory exchange ratio; HR: heart rate; HRR: heart rate reserve; VR: ventilator reserve; IPAQ: International Physical Activity Questionnaire.