Reliability and reproducibility of the ergospirometry data obtained for the 40 participants performing cardiopulmonary exercise test with and without CLE test set-up

ParameterAgreementLower LoAUpper LoAICC(95% CI)WS-sdCoV %
VO2peak mL·min−111.4−2632860.988(0.977, 0.993)982.6
VO2peak mL·kg−1·min−10.2−, 0.977)1.32.5
VCO2peak mL·min−153.1−4315370.970(0.943, 0.984)1763.8
VT L0.0−0.470.460.933(0.876, 0.964)0.166.3
VE L·min−12.6−21.426.50.933(0.877, 0.964)8.76.2
HR beats·min−11.4−11.614.30.720(0.532, 0.841)4.72.5
RR breaths·min−1−2.5−19.915.00.614(0.375, 0.777)6.011.1
RER units0.01−, 0.700)0.043.1

CLE: continuous laryngoscopy during exercise; LoA: limit of agreement; ICC: intraclass correlation coefficient; WS-sd: within-subject sd; CoV: coefficient of variation; VO2peak: oxygen consumption at peak exercise; VCO2peak: carbon dioxide production at peak exercise; VT: tidal volume; VE: minute ventilation; HR: heart rate; RR: respiratory rate; RER: respiratory exchange rate.