Characteristics of the 40 subjects comparing peak oxygen consumption measured with or without continuous laryngoscopy during cardiopulmonary exercise test on a treadmill

Female sex n (%)21 (53)
Age years mean (range)24.8 (15.0 to 35.0)
BMI kg·m222.3±2.3
Smoking n (%)0 (0)
 4–6 days per week n (%)19 (47.5)
 Daily n (%)21 (52.5)
Asthma n (%)1 (3)
FVC CPET L5.12±1.26
FVC CLE L5.15±1.25
FVC z-score CPET0.25±0.81
FVC z-score CLE0.30±0.79
FEV1 CPET L4.31±1.32
FEV1 CLE L4.20±0.92
FEV1 z-score CPET0.05±0.83
FEV1 z-score CLE0.07±0.79

Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. BMI: body mass index; FVC: forced vital capacity; CPET: cardiopulmonary exercise test; CLE: continuous laryngoscopy during exercise; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s.