Ergospirometry data for the 40 participants obtained from cardiopulmonary exercise tests performed without and with added CLE test set-up

ParameterCPET without CLECPET with CLEDifference
MeansdMeansdMean(95% CI)
VO2peak mL·min−13818873.83806883.411.4(−33.5, 56.2)
VO2peak mL·kg−1·min−154.96.354.76.60.22(−0.40, 0.83)
VCO2peak mL·min−1461810164565100653.1(−25.9, 132.0)
VT L2.610.652.610.620.005(−0.08, 0.071)
VE L·min−1142.333.1139.734.22.58(−1.33, 6.49)
HR beats·min−11868.71859.01.4(−0.8, 3.5)
RR breaths·min−1559.35410.01.2(−1.5, 4.0)
RER units1.−0.007, 0.027)
Distance m1199219115021049(15.7, 82.0)

CLE: continuous laryngoscopy during exercise; CPET: cardiopulmonary exercise test; VO2peak: oxygen consumption at peak exercise; VCO2peak: carbon dioxide production at peak exercise; VT: tidal volume; VE: minute ventilation; HR: heart rate; RR: respiratory rate; RER: respiratory exchange rate.