VigiBase data: clinical details of all five reported fatalities with cardioselective β1-blocker use in patients with an adverse drug reaction of asthma or bronchospasm who had evidence of pre-existing asthma

ReportYearCardioselective β1-blockersReported adverse drug reactions
11985MetoprololNot stated1.1 yearsNot statedAsthma (general anaesthetic medications listed)
22017Metoprolol100 mg by mouth once dailyNot statedHypertensionAsthma, sepsis, pneumonia, emphysema, decreased immune response, renal cancer
32018Acebutolol600 mg by mouth once dailyNot statedNot statedAsthma, acute MI, cardiogenic shock, metastatic renal cancer
42009Atenolol50 mg once dailyNot statedNot statedBronchospasm, acute MI, cardiac failure, aspiration, sudden cardiac death
52019AtenololNot stated11 yearsHypertensionAsthma, viral pneumonia (immunosuppressant medicines listed)

MI: myocardial infarction.