Association between chronic airway diseases and sarcopenia (EWGSOP2)

Sarcopenia statusChronic airway diseasesModel 1Model 2
OR (95% CI)OR (95% CI)
Probable sarcopenia (n=506)No (n=356)Ref.Ref.
Yes (n=150)1.20 (0.96–1.49)1.28 (1.02–1.60)
Confirmed sarcopenia (n=82)No (n=46)Ref.Ref.
Yes (n=36)2.03 (1.29–3.21)2.13 (1.33–3.43)

EWGSOP2: European Working Group of Sarcopenia in Older People 2; Ref.: no chronic airway diseases. Model 1 was adjusted for age and sex; model 2 was model 1 plus total body fat (%), height (cm) and smoking status.