Association between chronic airway diseases and handgrip muscle strength (HGS) and appendicular skeletal muscle index (ASMI)

Individual components of sarcopeniaChronic airway diseasesModel 1Model 2
β (se)95% CIβ (se)95% CI
HGS kg#No (n=3836)Ref.Ref.
Yes (n=1246)−0.356 (0.203)−0.753−0.041−0.506 (0.199)−0.898−−0.114
ASMI kg·m−2No (n=3836)Ref.Ref.
Yes (n=1246)−0.209 (0.029)−0.265−−0.153−0.190 (0.028)−0.245−−0.136

Ref.: no chronic airway diseases. Model 1 was adjusted for age and sex; model 2 was model 1 plus total body fat (%), height (cm) and smoking status. #: height is only included in the HGS model due to ASMI already being calculated based on height (m2).