Definition of sarcopenia and cut-off values based on the revised and updated EWGSOP2 consensus

DefinitionOutcomeCut-off values
Probable sarcopeniaLow muscle strength: measured by hydraulic hand dynamometer<27 kg<16 kg
SarcopeniaLow muscle strength AND
Low lean mass: measured by DXA<7.0 kg·m−2<5.5 kg·m−2
Severe sarcopeniaLow muscle strength AND low lean mass AND
Low physical performance: measured by gait speed or≤0.8 m·s−1≤0.8 m·s−1
Timed Up and Go Test≥20 s≥20 s

EWGSOP2: European Working Group of Sarcopenia in Older People 2; DXA: dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry.