Patient demographics

Age years62.20±13.47
Male30 (57.69)
Living arrangement
 Living alone9 (20.93)
 Living with spouse/family34 (79.07)
Employment status
 Retired26 (57.78)
 Not working for medical reasons7 (15.56)
 Working (full- or part-time)12 (26.67)
Age of asthma diagnosis years23.60±21.45
ACQ score2.01±1.27
Exacerbations in past year3.00 (2–5)
Maintenance OCS prescription19 (38)
OCS daily dose mg7.00 (5.00–25.00)
ICS daily dose beclomethasone equivalent units2000 (1000–2000)
Add-on severe asthma medication41 (82)
 Azithromycin11 (22)
 Mepolizumab27 (54)
 Omalizumab10 (20)
 Benralizumab3 (6)
 Teplizumab#1 (2)
 No add-on therapy9 (18)
Months of monoclonal antibody therapy7 (3–24)

Data are presented as n, n (%), mean±sd or median (interquartile range). ACQ: asthma control questionnaire; IQR: interquartile range; OCS: oral corticosteroid; ICS: inhaled corticosteroid. #: one participant was on a clinical trial of teplizumab in the survey group; : azithromycin was an add-on therapy to the monoclonal medications in all but one participant.