Baseline characteristics

Lowlanders n=22Highlanders n=52p-value
Male/female n14/826/26
Age years42.3±8.047.9±10.70.033
Height cm168.5±10.4162.2±9.40.014
Weight kg75.9±10.470.2±13.40.078
BMI kg·m−226.9±4.126.7±4.60.845
Body surface area m21.89±0.161.75±0.190.017
Heart rate beats·min−168±775±110.010
Blood pressure systolic mmHg121±15127±230.274
Blood pressure diastolic mmHg82±1085±120.348
New York Heart Association functional class I/II/III18/3/130/18/40.379
Workload achieved Watts48±1145±140.344
SpO2 %96±191±5<0.001
Haemoglobin concentration g·dL−114.4±1.716.0±2.30.008
Haematocrit %39.1±5.046.8±7.6<0.001
PaO2 mmHg79.3±10.956.2±6.2<0.001
PaCO2 mmHg38.9±2.932.5±2.8<0.001
Oxygen content mL O2·dL−118.3±2.418.9±2.80.447

Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. BMI: Body mass index; SpO2: oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry; PaO2: partial pressure of arterial oxygen; PaCO2: partial pressure of arterial carbon dioxide.