Anxiety disorders and asthma control among adolescents with asthma in Uganda#

ACT scores
Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis+
Mean±sdp-valueAdjusted mean difference (95% CI)p-value
Any of three anxiety disorders
 No (38)21.24±5.17Reference
 Yes (34)18.26±4.930.01−2.66 (−5.01– −0.30)§0.03
Generalised anxiety disorder
 No (56)20.48±5.40Reference
 Yes (16)17.56±3.980.05−2.34 (−5.20–0.52)0.11
Panic disorder
 No (48)20.77±5.47Reference
 Yes (24)17.96±4.260.03−2.06 (−4.70–0.58)0.12
Social anxiety disorder
 No (54)20.24±5.02Reference
 Yes (18)18.61±5.840.26−1.39 (−4.21–1.43)0.33

Data are presented as n, unless otherwise stated. ACT: Asthma Control Test. #: n=72; : based on the childhood ACT and ACT (scores ranged from 8 to 34, low scores indicating poor asthma control and high scores indicating well controlled asthma); +: final models adjusted for child's age, sex and father's highest education level attained; §: adjusted linear regression model constant=36.05, R2=0.21, F(5,66)=3.46, p=0.008, n=72.