EMBARC and BronchUK shared and unique elements

Shared elementsUnique elements to BronchUK
  • Multicentre

  • CT-confirmed bronchiectasis

  • Severity score

  • Pathogen status

  • Treatment/medications

  • Quality of life measures

  • Mortality and exacerbation rates

  • Linked healthcare data to confirm healthcare use (and compare regimens within one healthcare system)

  • Psychological measurements (anxiety and depression scores)

  • Linked to national mortality data sets

  • Potential to link with NHS digital and or other NHS number linked projects (PHOS-COVID)

  • Samples stored in biobank

EMBARC: European Multicentre Bronchiectasis Audit and Research Collaboration; BronchUK: Bronchiectasis Observational Cohort and Biobank UK; CT: computed tomography; NHS: National Health Service.