Inhalation technique at home and during demonstration in the hospital with the Diskus and Autohaler (n=27)#

Correct inhalations at home %44.0 (20.8–57.1)95.8 (87.5–100)<0.001
Critical errors per patient14 (10–22)1 (0–3)<0.001
Correct inhalation technique in the hospital+19 (70.4)23 (85.2)<0.001

Data are presented as median (interquartile range) or n (%), unless otherwise stated. #: analyses are based on 636 video clips with the Diskus and 663 with the Autohaler made by 27 patients; : percentage of inhalations without a critical error; +: patients who showed a correct inhalation technique during demonstration in the hospital at the end of the study period of 28 days.