Baseline patient characteristics

Clinical characteristics
 Age years63 (50–76)
 Male1054 (51)
Comorbidities and VTE risk factors
 Chronic lung disease373 (18.1)
 Chronic heart disease316 (15.2)
 Chronic kidney disease137 (6.6)
 Type 2 diabetes280 (13.6)
 Charlson comorbidity index score ≥1781 (37.8)
 Cancer diagnosis within 2 years of PE diagnosis371 (18.0)
 Metastatic cancer at time of PE diagnosis176 (9.4)
 History of venous thromboembolism405 (19.6)
 Surgery within 2 months of PE diagnosis235 (11.3)
Symptoms and clinical findings at admission
 Dyspnoea1581 (78.3)
 Chest pain1109 (53.7)
 Syncope137 (6.6)
 Heart rate ≥100 beats·min−1797 (38.6)
 Systolic blood pressure 90–100 mmHg71 (3.4)
 Oxygen saturation <90%1070 (51.8)
Biomarkers and imaging at presentation
 Hs-TnT >age-adjusted cut-off# (n=1611)824 (51.2)
 NT-proBNP ≥300 pg·mL−1 (n=336)240 (71.4)
 Serum lactate >2.2 mmol·L−1 (n=654)163 (24.9)
 D-dimer >0.50 mg·L−1 (n=1196)1170 (97.8)
 RV dilatation on CT angiography (n=1906)922 (48.4)
 RV dysfunction on TTE+ (n=1058)419 (39.6)
 Central pulmonary artery clot376 (19.7)
 Lower extremity DVT at presentation§ (n=908)476 (52.4)
Initial treatment at time of diagnosis
 Unfractionated heparin, i.v. infusion543 (26.3)
 LMWH, s.c.1473 (71.3)
 DOAC, p.o.40 (1.9)
 IVC filter insertion108 (5.2)
 Time to initiation of anticoagulation from ED presentation h5.8 (3.7–8.0)
Admitting medical service
 Intensive care unit76 (3.7)
 Hospitalist566 (27.4)
 Cardiology37 (1.8)
 General internal medicine888 (43.0)
 Pulmonary medicine467 (22.5)
 Other33 (1.6)
 Hospital length of stay days4.5 (2.7–7.1)

Data are presented as n, median (interquartile range) or n (%), unless otherwise stated. VTE: venous thromboembolism; PE: pulmonary embolism; hs-TnT: high-sensitivity troponin; NT-proBNP: N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide; RV: right ventricle; CT: computed tomography; TTE: transthoracic echocardiogram; DVT: deep vein thrombosis; i.v.: intravenous; LMWH: low molecular-weight heparin; DOAC: direct oral anticoagulant; IVC: inferior vena cava; ED: emergency department. #: ≥14 pg·mL−1 for patients aged <75 years and ≥45 pg·mL−1 for aged patients ≥75 years; : right/left ventricle axial ratio >1.0; +: moderate or greater right ventricle dysfunction or dilatation; §: duplex ultrasound for DVT of the bilateral extremities.