Polysomnographic characteristics of study participants

Age years60±17
Body mass index kg·m−228.5±5.3
AHI events·h−115.7±15.2
REM AHI events·h−119.0±20.0
Mean oxygen desaturation %4.2±1.0
T90% %3.5±3.4
Mean hypopnoea duration s23.2±6.0
Mean apnoea duration s21.3±8.2
MVPA-2010 h4.5±5.6
MVPA-Δ h0.3±4.3

Data are presented as median±interquartile range. AHI: apnoea/hypopnoea index; REM: rapid eye movement; T90%: amount of sleep with oxygen saturation <90%; MVPA: moderate to vigorous physical activity; MVPA-2010: time spent undertaking MVPA during 2010 collection; MVPA-Δ: change in time spent undertaking MVPA from baseline (2002–2006) to 2010.