Characteristics and outcomes of patients with confirmed coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) diagnosis

Subjects n239
Women198 (82.8)
Age years50.0 (39.0–56.0)
BMI kg·m−226.0 (23.4–30.5)
Married/living with partner173 (72.4)
Pre-existing comorbidities
 0142 (59.4)
 162 (25.9)
 ≥235 (14.6)
Health status before infection
 Good208 (87.0)
 Moderate28 (11.7)
 Poor3 (1.3)
Time between T0 and completion questionnaire weeks
Number of symptoms
 T015 (11–18)
 T16 (4–9)*
 T26 (3–8)*,#
Work productivity and activity index
 Percentage of work time missed due to ill health (absenteeism)
 Percentage of impairment while working (presenteeism)
 Overall work impairment due to health (work productivity)
 Activity impairment
Self-reported poor health
Post-COVID-19 functional status scale
Quality of life
 EQ-5D index
 EQ-5D index<P5 reference values [23]
 Today's health status (VAS 0–100) points
Received care
  Between T0 and T131.8
  Between T1 and T261.9#
  Between T0 and T14.2
  Between T1 and T211.7#
Need for help with personal care
 From partner
  Between T0 and T146.0*
  Between T1 and T221.3*,#
 From family
  Between T0 and T117.2*
  Between T1 and T27.1*,#

Data are presented as n (%), median (interquartile range), mean±sd or %, unless otherwise stated. BMI: body mass index; T0: symptom onset; T1: first questionnaire; T2: second questionnaire; P5: percentile five; VAS: visual analogue scale. *: p<0.05 versus before; #: p<0.05 versus T1.