Distribution of mean scores from the two diagnostic/disease groups relating to each item of the 10-item Eating Assessment Tool (EAT)

COPD groupCardiac groupp-value
1) My swallowing problem has caused me to lose weight0.430.070.04
2) My swallowing problem interferes with my ability to go out for meals0.430.130.17
3) Swallowing liquids takes extra effort0.270.130.47
4) Swallowing solids takes extra effort1.130.20<0.001
5) Swallowing pills takes extra effort0.400.130.16
6) Swallowing is painful0.100.130.76
7) The pleasure of eating is affected by my swallowing0.830.10<0.001
8) When I swallow food sticks in my throat0.600.330.19
9) I cough when I eat0.570.230.11
10) Swallowing is stressful0.530.100.049