Individual baseline and functional outcomes# at the end of follow-up

Patient identifierDose n cellsBaseline FVC %Baseline DLCO %Functional outcome at 3monthsLast visitOverall outcome at last visit/ or follow-up contactObservations: death/lung transplant
01_0110×1065335Progression6 monthsProgression
01_0310×1067435Stable3 monthsOtherLung transplant at 6 months
01_0510×10612467Stable12 monthsStable
01_0650×1065742Stable9 monthsProgression
01_0750×1068778Progression12 monthsStable
02_0150×1066451Progression12 monthsProgression
01_09100×1067342Progression3 monthsOtherDeath at 5 months
01_10100×1066135Stable9 monthsProgression
01_11100×1069653Stable12 monthsStable
01_13100×1069047Progression12 monthsProgression
01_14100×1065239Stable6 monthsOtherDeath at 8 months
01_15100×1066943Progression3 monthsOtherDeath at 9 months
01_17100×1068343Progression12 monthsProgression

FVC: forced vital capacity; DLCO: diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide. #: progression defined by fall in FVC ≥10% and/or fall in DLCO ≥15%, otherwise considered stable; : causes of death: 01_09 Legionella pneumonia, 01_14 IPF progression, 01_15 not determined.