Demographic information per main cause of breathlessness (total subjects=182)

Main cause of breathlessnessAttended at baselineAge yearsFemaleBMI kg·m2
 COPD45 (24.7%)71.6±9.22926.6±7.8
 Asthma39 (21.4%)53.2±15.22927.9±5.3
 Heart failure35 (19.2%)76.4±7.9830.5±5.7
 IPF34 (18.7%)75.1±6.81625.9±3.9
 Other ILD5 (2.7%)69.3±11.7228.4±4.5
 Other diagnoses#24 (13.2%)66.4±14.61325.9±6.7
Number of patients with 1/2/3/4 comorbidities50/16/4/1
Comorbidity frequency by diagnosis
 COPDDiabetes n=30; heart failure n=10; other breathlessness n=7; asthma n=5; cancer n=4; renal failure n=2
 AsthmaDiabetes n=8; other breathlessness n=2; ILD n=2
 Heart failureDiabetes n=13; renal failure n=8; COPD n=4; other breathlessness n=2; asthma n=2; cancer n=2
 IPFDiabetes n=5; renal failure n=2; other breathlessness n=2; heart failure n=1; asthma n=1
 Other ILDDiabetes n=2; COPD n=1; heart failure n=1
 Other diagnoses#Heart failure n=5; diabetes n=5; asthma n=3; renal failure n=2; cancer n=1; COPD n=1

Data are presented as mean±sd, n (%) or n. IPF: idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis; ILD: interstitial lung disease; BMI: body mass index. #: other diagnoses include depression, cancer, diabetes and renal failure.