Demographics of included subjects

Chronic coughHealthy volunteersp-value
Subjects n9676
Female n (%)71 (77.1)54 (71.1)0.732
Age years59.7±12.654.7±12.30.01*
Smoking status
 Pack-years2.4 (1.4–5.8)3.5 (2.2–7.3)0.26
Cough duration years8 (5–18)
Cough severity VAS mm50 (26–74)
CQLQ score total58.3±13.8
CQLQ domains
 Physical complaints18.4±5.1
 Functional abilities10.2±3.7
 Emotional wellbeing5.7±1.9
 Extreme physical complaints7.8±2.3
 Personal safety fears6.2±2.4

Data are presented as n, mean±sd or median (interquartile range), unless otherwise stated. VAS: visual analogue scale; CQLQ: Cough Quality of Life Questionnaire. *: p<0.05. Bold indicates statistical significance.