Ventilator settings and respiratory parameters at arrival in the intensive care unit (baseline), before and after recruitment manoeuvre, and before extubation

ParametersBaselineBefore recruitment manoeuvreAfter recruitment manoeuvreEnding
Ventilation modeVCV:PCV (1:1)VCV:PCV (1:1)PRVCPSV
PEEP cmH2O5.2±0.15.2±0.15.1±0.12.4±0.2
PIP cmH2O17.0±0.917.0±0.514.6±0.412.8±0.2
Pmean cmH2O8.9±0.29.0±0.38.7±0.25.1±0.2
PS cmH2O, in PCV and PSV11.0±0.610.9±0.610.0±0.1
RR breaths·min−114.4±0.214.4±0.314.3±0.216.2±1.0
VT INSP mL509.0±15.6518.5±16.2506.6±11.2586.5±37.8
VT EXP mL501.7±15.8507.0±15.9496.1±10.7580.7±41.5
MV L·min−17.3±0.37.2±0.27.1±0.28.6±0.3
Cdyn mL/cmH2O51.5±2.853.3±2.754.4±2.052.8±4.4
FIO2 %42.0±1.040.7±0.840.0±0.932.2±0.6

Data presented as mean±sem. PEEP: positive end expiratory pressure; PIP: peak inspiratory pressure; Pmean: mean pressure; PS: pressure support; RR: respiratory rate; VT: tidal volume; MV: minute ventilation; Cdyn: dynamic compliance; FIO2: inspiratory oxygen fraction; I:E: inspiratory–expiratory ratio; VCV: volume-controlled ventilation; PCV: pressure-controlled ventilation; PRVC: pressure-regulated volume control; PSV: pressure support ventilation.